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Halicarnassus is a Bi-Costal entity that lives to serve the Mac's. Painting, customization, repair, support, etc. If it happens to be Mac related, our boy has probably done it. While he chooses not to discuss his profession, employer, or anything else of that nature, we'll just say that he's been a Professional Mac Nerd for going on 15 years.

A flurry of activity.

The whole point of MYM originally, was to showcase my work. Well, having a website that talks about such things, but has no pictures, is kinda lame. So I made time this evening to upload a boatload of pictures. Enjoy. Read More »

Good things come to those who wait.

Good things come to those who wait.

As the title says. Many moons ago. We’ll call this the turn of the century, A certain fruit themed computer company shipped what was arguably the most badass laptop anyone had ever laid eyes on. It was an inch thick. It had USB, it had wi-fi, and Firewire, and full size DVI. It was a ... Read More »

What You Say?

Five years ago, when MYM was rather popular, and was doing great things, I put it into cold storage. Why? Because my employer is a bit strict in regard to editorial commentary, and the like. Funny how that works. And when you consider that I like paying the mortgage more than I like blogging, the ... Read More »