Greetings Minion!

Greetings Minion!

I’ve always believed in the integration of technology and environment. I seek things that are capable of improving my living space in a positive way. I like well designed ATM’s and self check-outs. I like smart wall switches. Decently built remotes, and LED light bulbs. But the thermostat. It begs for a revolution. For the love of butter, my everything else connects to the internet, why does my thermostat look like a reject from the 90’s? All spinach colored and incapable of thinking for itself. Its a dumb terminal.

It appears that there are others out there who agree. And believe. That something so lowly as a thermostat could aspire to greatness.

Why shouldnt it connect to the internet? Why shoulnt it know its own zip code? why cant it know the weather? Is it so wrong for it to figure out how long it takes to cool my house, and for it to get the hint that I’m not home? Shouldnt it be able to let me know important things? It is the one thing that manages my living space more than anything else. It deserves a name, and recognition for its responsibility.

And those crazy guys at Nest, know exactly what I’m talking about. This unassuming little item on the wall. We call it CL4P-TR4P, takes amazing care of us, our home, and our bills. The dude emails me to let me know whats up, and is eager to listen when I send him instructions from phone or computer.

Help rescue his friends. Give them good homes. Let them make your environment better.

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