A flurry of activity.

The whole point of MYM originally, was to showcase my work. Well, having a website that talks about such things, but has no pictures, is kinda lame. So I made time this evening to upload a boatload of pictures. Enjoy. Read More »

Good things come to those who wait.

Good things come to those who wait.

As the title says. Many moons ago. We’ll call this the turn of the century, A certain fruit themed computer company shipped what was arguably the most badass laptop anyone had ever laid eyes on. It was an inch thick. It had USB, it had wi-fi, and Firewire, and full size DVI. It was a ... Read More »

What You Say?

Five years ago, when MYM was rather popular, and was doing great things, I put it into cold storage. Why? Because my employer is a bit strict in regard to editorial commentary, and the like. Funny how that works. And when you consider that I like paying the mortgage more than I like blogging, the ... Read More »